Learn More About the Ford C-Max Hybrid

Rated best in class for small hybrids, the Ford C-Max is one of the most popular hybrid vehicles on the market today. As a fast, powerful vehicle that can reach speeds up to 85 miles an hour in electric mode, this is an excellent hybrid to consider for your next vehicle.

The Ford C-Max comes with a variety of features, several focused on saving energy. The EcoSelect button allows you to drive more efficiently, saving you energy while on the road. The regenerative braking and brake coach allows the vehicle to recycle the energy that would normally be lost during braking and saves it in your car battery.

To learn more about the Ford C-Max, it's time to head down to Suntrup Ford and take one out for a test drive. Our sales professionals are ready to answer any questions you have about this popular hybrid vehicle offered by our dealership.




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