3 Signs That Your Car Tires Need to be Replaced

Most drivers that lose control of their vehicles discover too late that their tires could have prevented such an incident. Identifying the signs tires need to replaced will help to maintain a safer driving environment.
  1. Look at the sidewalls of the tire for any splits or cracks. Defective tires can explode anytime, and should be replaced rather than taking any chances.
  2. Place a penny in the tread of the tires and look at the head of Lincoln. The more of his face you see, the less tread that is on the tires.
  3. One of the ways you can tell that your car tires need to be replaced is to simply feel the way the car drives. If holding the steering wheel, you notice a vibration getting louder each trip, have the tires inspected.
Be sure to come by for a regular tire checkup at Suntrup Ford to ensure your ride is safe.
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