How Do You Jump Start A Car?

We've all been there, you go out to your car after work and it won't start. You suspect it's a dead battery. So how do you get back on the road? That is why our team here at Suntrup Ford want to be sure you know exactly how to jump-start a car.

First, have a friend pull their car up next to yours. Then, connect jumper cables from their car battery to your car battery, ensuring that the positive end is connected to the positive end and the negative end is connected to the negative end. Your friend can then start their car and your battery will begin charging. After five minutes or so, your battery should be charged enough to start.

If you should ever find yourself in this situation then be sure to bring your car to Suntrup Ford so that we can ensure it was not caused by a larger issue or so we can replace your battery for you altogether.

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