Ford Expedition Tech Features Trounce Competition

We here at Suntrup Ford are a group of tech fanatics. That's why we can't get enough of the tech features on the new Ford Expedition. The Expedition, one of our most popular SUVs, puts in-cabin convenience, comfort, efficiency and fun first. Here are two ways Ford makes it possible.

Ford SYNC3 AppLink With Waze

Ford continues to expand on its stellar infotainment system, adding new features frequently and updating old ones. The newest Expedition includes the newest generation of SYNC3 linked with Waze. The link lets you utilize Waze while driving the Expedition, giving you access to crowd-sourced info on optimal driving routes with real time in-app alerts about accidents and other adverse conditions.

Embedded Headrest Movie Screens

Each rear headrest inside the Expedition contains an embedded screen that displays media from mobile devices, DVDs, a Slingbox, live television or even a plugged-in gaming system. Meanwhile, a 12-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system offers crisp, dynamic acoustics that envelop passengers.

Experience the new Ford Expedition for yourself. Swing by Suntrup Ford today for a test drive.



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