The Best Heavy-Duty Truck Around, the Ford Super Duty Is King

No matter the reason to own a heavy-duty pickup truck, the answer will always be supplied by the Ford Super Duty. The ultimate heavy-duty truck on the market today, the Ford Super Duty is the strongest and most capable of any truck in its class. You will never have to worry about the job at hand when driving one of these powerful workhorses.

The Ford Super Duty sports a refined body weight that is achieved by using military-grade, high-strength aluminum alloy for the body. These savings in weight are partly translated over to stronger axles, chassis and steering components and a boxed frame that is comprised of 95 percent steel. This translates to a Best-in-Class towing when configured with the 6.7L diesel engine.

The Ford Super Duty can handle any job you throw at it, and it will haul and carry just about anything you attach and load. With all the driving assists available to you in these capable trucks, you can tow and transport your cargo with confidence. Here at Suntrup Ford, we love our Ford Super Duty trucks and know you will as well.



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