Packed With Great Smart Features, the Ford Fiesta is the Vehicle to Invest in This Model Year

The latest versions of the Ford Fiesta are packed with some of the latest and greatest smart technology on the market right now. While it's designed to be a sporty sedan, it still functions great as a commuter car or family vehicle. Thanks to the following features, you'll have a more convenient ride than ever. Not to mention, you'll be incredibly safe while driving on the road.

A push-start will let you get right into and out of your vehicle without requiring you to use your hands. This lets you focus on other things like loading in your bags or kids.

There is a backup camera that lets you monitor what is going on behind your vehicle when you place your vehicle into reverse. This improves upon safety for you as the driver but also for the pedestrians around you.

The Ford MyKey system is perfect for new drivers. This allows you to set certain conditions for them as they get behind the wheel. This includes an alert if they don't buckle up and setting maximum speed limits. You can even control the volume of the audio sound system.



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