Do you love technology? We at Suntrup Ford think you'll be delighted with the Ford Mustang. This popular sports car is packed with the latest tech features, so you can stay online everywhere the road leads.

If you use Amazon Alexa at home, it can be jarring to leave it behind. With the Mustang, there's no need — thanks to Ford + Alexa, you can bring your favorite voice-activated assistant on the road. Order from Amazon Prime, turn on your smart appliances, and more, all from the comfort of the car.

Are you a smartphone user? The Mustang comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to ensure easy connections. Simply connect your phone with a USB cable, and you'll see your maps, music, and communication apps show up on the dashboard screen. That way, you don't even need to pick up your phone to get directions or make calls. Try it out when you come in to visit us for a test drive in Saint Louis.


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