Learn More About the Ford C-Max Hybrid

Rated best in class for small hybrids, the Ford C-Max is one of the most popular hybrid vehicles on the market today. As a fast, powerful vehicle that can reach speeds up to 85 miles an hour in electric mode, this is an excellent hybrid to consider for your next vehicle.

The Ford C-Max comes with a variety of features, several focused on saving energy. The EcoSelect button allows you to drive more efficiently, saving you energy while on the road. The regenerative braking and brake coach allows the vehicle to recycle the energy that would normally be lost during…
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The Ford Escape Has A Ton of Exciting Interior Features

The Ford Escape has always been a popular option for those in the market for a compact SUV, but the 2018 model of the car is taking things to a whole new level. Stacked with an impressive number of new interior features, ranging from great utility options to mouth-watering aesthetics, the Escape is really making a name for itself this year. Below, we've listed a few of our favorite features.

First, the Escape comes with an absolutely breathtaking panoramic roof. It pulls back a long way and is easily controlled from the front dashboard, which makes operation a breeze…
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The New Ford F-150: Brilliant Technology

The Ford F-150 is a popular full-size pickup that looks great and is smart as well! When you get into this new truck, you will notice the 360-degree camera and blind spot information system (BLIS) right away!

The 360-degree camera has a split-view display and uses four cameras. This helps you connect a trailer, navigate tight roads, and park in tight spaces. It is also a great way to check the area when you are backing up.

BLIS is also great for detecting vehicles in your blind spot. The F-150 will signal you on your mirror when a vehicle is…

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Come Down and Hop In the Ford Focus RS at Suntrup Ford

The Ford Focus is known for being a dependable, economical small vehicle. The Focus is very popular in cities and congested areas. This is due to the phenomenal gas mileage this vehicle has as well as the relatively affordable price of the Focus. There are many different types of Ford Focus, the RS is considered to be Ford's answer to the ever-popular crossover subgenre of cars.

The Ford Focus RS is styled after many other popular crossover SUVs, while not actually being an SUV. 


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Drive Anywhere in the 2018 Ford F-150 Raptor

These days, trucks need to be able to provide you with versatile performance in any terrain. The 2018 Ford F-150 Raptor is a popular performance pickup truck that has a high-quality suspension system and adaptable driving technology.

This truck has a Fox Racing Shox suspension. It's designed to provide you with a comfortable ride on and off the road. It utilizes internal bypass technology to create variable damping rates. The front shocks have 13 inches of travel while the rear shocks have 14 inches. Also included in the Raptor is a Terrain Management System. You can choose between six…

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Learn About The 2018 Ford Flex Design Features

The 2018 Ford Flex is a very popular 3-row midsize SUV with plenty of special things to offer drivers who love a sporty, rugged driving experience. This vehicle comes in several trims that include SE, SEL and Limited models, all with different specs, technologies, and design features.

When you step into a heavy-duty SUV like this you will feel powerful. You can choose a two-tone Appearance Package that matches the exterior with the color in the interior. The Shadow Black Appearance Package has black bolsters, perforated leather seating and wrapped steering wheel, and everything else in 
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Ford Mustang Design Features

Have you seen the new 2018 Mustang design? The sleeker look was inspired by the latest racing designs with aerodynamic lights and pockets for air to boost speed. You'll probably need it as the latest Mustangs come with twin-turbocharged engines, and there are two V8 models that crank out the horsepower.

The Mustang design has always changed from year-to-year on a pretty consistent basis, whether there are small tweaks to the engine. However, the exterior designs seems to get an overhaul every few years. However, the basic look of the Mustang remains the same. The interior is spacious and…
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How Do You Jump Start A Car?

We've all been there, you go out to your car after work and it won't start. You suspect it's a dead battery. So how do you get back on the road? That is why our team here at Suntrup Ford want to be sure you know exactly how to jump-start a car.

First, have a friend pull their car up next to yours. Then, connect jumper cables from their car battery to your car battery, ensuring that the positive end is connected to the positive end and the negative end is connected to the negative end. Your…

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Flat Tire? No Problem

Most people make a big deal out of having to replace a flat tire. The reality is that it’s a simple process as long as you know what to do. You can get a spare on to your vehicle in no time at all.

Many vehicle manufacturers equip cars with spare tires, lug wrenches, and jacks. This means that you likely have everything you need in order to take care of a flat tire. There are instructions in your owner’s manual to tell you how to put on the spare. Be sure to follow the directions, including loosening…

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3 Signs That Your Car Tires Need to be Replaced

Most drivers that lose control of their vehicles discover too late that their tires could have prevented such an incident. Identifying the signs tires need to replaced will help to maintain a safer driving environment.
  1. Look at the sidewalls of the tire for any splits or cracks. Defective tires can explode anytime, and should be replaced rather than taking any chances.
  2. Place a penny in the tread of the tires and look at the head of Lincoln. The more of his face you see, the less tread that is on the tires.
  3. One of the ways you can tell that…
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